DPRA is a global leader in developing the software and systems that keep the world running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. We specialize in developing the most advanced and creative solutions to complex logistical, technical, environmental, and management problems.

DPRA was founded in 1961 in Manhattan, Kansas. Initially our focus centered on agriculture and serving as a research and consulting firm to the U.S. government. The letters in our name stood for Development, Planning, Research & Analysis, but today we are best known by our acronym DPRA. DPRA Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DPRA, Inc.

DPRA has grown over the past 50 years and so have our areas of expertise. Now we focus on six key service areas:
• Management Strategy
• Laboratory Science (ZymaX)
• Geographic Information Systems
• Environmental Solutions
• Planning & Logistics
• Records Management

DPRA has been serving clients for decades. From homeland security to corporate resource management  to complex logistical operations, we literally help keep the trains running–and help government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses stay on the right track.

Visit us at dpra.com