DPRA Canada | Team
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DPRA Canada’s team includes experienced individuals with the skills and substantive knowledge needed to support our clients. Our staff are experienced participating on large multi-disciplinary teams or taking a lead role, in order to meet the specific needs of an assignment.

Timm Rochon

President/CEO, BA, MES

Kim Cholette

Vice President, BGS, MBA, LLM

Vicki McCulloch

Principal, BSc, MES, RPP

Ron Mucklestone

Senior Associate, BA, MES

Bradley Archambault

Senior Associate, BA

Samuel Hanig

Associate, BSc, MA, Ph.D candidate

Erica McDiarmid

Associate, BSc, MPH, CE

Vishi Kumaran

Associate, BSc, MA, Ph.D candidate

Anna Yusa

Associate, BSc, MPPAL

Sergey Mazuritsky

Research Analyst, BA, MA

Kayla Sills

Research Analyst, BA, MPPAL

Emily Montgomery

Research Assistant, BA, MPPA

Dianna Chu

Office Administrator, BSc