Jim Micak, President

Mr. Jim Micak is the President of DPRA and is responsible for the company’s Environmental and Community Studies Group. He has more than 30 years experience providing clients with creative and innovative solutions to complex environmental and community development challenges. Over the past several years the focus of his consulting practice has been on effective environmental decision-making, process facilitation and stakeholder participation. He has achieved success by applying well-developed problem-solving, team-building and consensus building skills. His major interest has been the development of strategies linking environmental issues, infrastructure and resource development concerns in complex and controversial projects.

Jim is a skilled facilitator, successfully assisting multi-stakeholder groups with community, business and government to resolve issues and disputes. He has successfully completed the Banff School of Management Advanced Course in Conflict Resolution, and the American Management Association Project Management Program.

email: Jim.Micak [at] dpra.com