Kevin McCormick

Mr. Kevin McCormick is a Senior Associate and Manager of the DPRA Yellowknife office. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management from the University of Guelph (1975) and a Masters of Science from the University of Aberdeen (1979).

Mr. McCormick brings over 30 years of experience on a wide range of northern environmental and resource management issues at the regional, national, continental and circumpolar levels. This includes habitat protection and landscape management; wildlife research and co-management; environmental assessment; and land claim negotiation and implementation. He has had demonstrated success at building and managing a successful organization, developing effective partnerships with a wide variety of organizations, building consensus among diverse interests and developing effective strategic approaches to complex organizational and resource management issues.

As the senior Environment Canada manager for conservation issues in NWT and Nunavut for over twenty years, Mr. McCormick was responsible for the management of up to 35 staff (research scientists, biologists and other technical personnel) in response to the substantive political and administrative changes which occurred across the territories. This required clear strategic direction, effective allocation of resources, administrative efficiency, focused project management, and an ongoing commitment to change management. Mr. McCormick’s unique perspective and strong communication skills allow him to convey complex technical and governance issues through practical presentations and briefings to managers, researchers, Aboriginal organizations and public groups.

Mr. McCormick has the equivalent of over thirty person-years of direct involvement in Institutions of Public Government established through northern land claims agreements. This experience provides a unique perspective on cross-cultural approaches to information sharing and decision making. He was a member of the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board for 16 years.

Mr. McCormick’s areas of expertise include: circumpolar and continental conservation issues, consultation and facilitation, environmental assessment, negotiation, organizational effectiveness, policy development, project management, and strategic planning.

In 2008, Mr. McCormick completed the Certificate Program in Conflict Management which is offered by the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society. He is fully trained in the interest-based approach to mediation and negotiation.

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