Kim Cholette

Kim Cholette is a Senior Associate at DPRA, and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) as well as a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in Administrative & Constitutional law.
Before joining DPRA, Ms. Cholette worked in the public sector in the Government of British Columbia for over fourteen years, followed by four years with the Yukon Territorial Government. Ms. Cholette has also worked in a senior capacity for self-governing First nations. Ms. Cholette’s areas of expertise include public sector policy and program development, environmental assessment, multi-party negotiations, as well as administrative law and advising on the Crown’s Duty to Consult.
In her work, Kim has led the development and implementation of several large and small public sector programs and services, including logic modelling, the development of audit and program evaluation frameworks, as well as performance management systems and processes. Ms. Cholette also has extensive experience leading multi-party negotiations.
Examples of experience, includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Ms. Cholette has led public sector organizational reviews, assessing delivery on legislative responsibilities and operational mandates and making recommendations for organizational change;
  • Ms. Cholette led an operational organization re-structuring of a large government program, including re-designing staffing distributions. This involved moving from a distributed staffing model to a centralized delivery. The re-design involved revising job descriptions as well as reporting structures;
  • Ms. Cholette led the development of two labour market transition programs for the Province of BC. This included needs identification; an environmental scan; articulation of program objectives; developing protocol and information sharing agreements with the Federal government as well as departments across the BC government; articulating goals and objectives; developing a performance management and program evaluation framework;
  • Ms. Cholette has undertaken program policy reviews for public sector governments and has written policy; guidelines and procedures for multiple programs, including comprehensive policies and procedures manuals in the area of Emergency management as well as technical services (electrical; boilers; fire prevention and gas protection);
  • Ms. Cholette has experience working with legislative counsel in preparing drafting instructions for legislative proposals;
  • Ms. Cholette has extensive experience in strategic and annual business planning having led the development of either strategic plans or annual operational plans with over ten organizations;
  • Ms. Cholette has developed several program logic models for public sector programs as well as led the development of performance management frameworks.


  • Ms. Cholette has managed environmental assessments for the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and has worked on EA’s in other Canadian jurisdictions as part of multi-disciplinary teams in the context of regulatory approvals.
  • Ms. Cholette recently developed a risk management framework for an oil & gas proponent to assist in identifying and managing responsibilities as it relates to consultation with aboriginal communities.
  • Ms. Cholette has led the development of a framework for assessing traditional use information and determining whether, and the extent to which, a project will impact Aboriginal rights.


  • Ms. Cholette represented the Government of Yukon’s interests in negotiations related to the development of a regional economic development agreement under the land claims agreement – a tri-party negotiation, with a self-governing First nation; the Government of Canada and the territorial government. The process involved developing and clarifying the Yukon negotiation mandate; consulting across government on statutory limitations as well as strategic development priorities; putting forward Yukon government positions during the negotiations; negotiating with senior Government of Canada officials on issues to be put on the table as part of the negotiations as well as a general strategy for moving forward.
  • Ms. Cholette represents third party interests (private sector resource companies or First Nations) in Impact Benefit Agreement negotiations and in advising on First Nation consultation duties of the Crown


  • Ms. Cholette has extensive training and experience in the area of Administrative Law and has worked as an adjudicator for the Whitehorse Correctional Centre; a board member for the Yukon Review Board; a Coroner for the Yukon Coroner’s Service and BC Coroner’s Service.
  • Ms. Cholette has undertaken file reviews for client overpayment and has set up processes to proceed with the collections process; has provided governments with administrative reviews of individual cases and has provided recommendations on how to proceed in the context of administrative fairness.
  • Ms. Cholette has developed basic training for regulatory officials in areas of administrative law such as procedural fairness and various issues associated with regulatory offences.

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