Krista Amey

Ms. Krista Amey joined DPRA Canada – Yellowknife Office in January 2011. Krista holds a Master of Science degree from the University of New Brunswick. Her thesis examined the use of seabirds as indicators of change in availability and commercial weir landings of Atlantic herring in the Bay of Fundy, which involved substantial literature research, document review and data collection, both in the field and through collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to obtain multiple years of Atlantic herring harvest data, and multi-faceted analyses. Prior to obtaining her graduate degree and after graduating from Dalhousie University, she worked on a variety of research projects in Nova Scotia, Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Hawaii.

From 2000 – 2004, Krista worked with the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) at the Pacific Wildlife Research Centre, Delta, BC. As part of a team, Krista created a marine areas-of-interest database for British Columbia and wrote a user’s manual for the database, which could be used to assist managers in the identification of regions of biological importance. At CWS, she was the person called upon to disseminate all relevant biological information to the appropriate governing bodies in response to an emergency situation, such as an oil spill. Krista was also co-supervisor of field research conducted at the Triangle Island Seabird Research Station off Vancouver Island for the 2000 and 2001 field seasons.

Krista moved to Yellowknife, NWT, in August 2005. Prior to joining DPRA, Krista worked for the City of Yellowknife as Geomatics Officer and Systems Analyst – GIS, where her responsibilities included maintaining the City’s online web-mapping system and cadastral and infrastructural datasets. Before working for the City, she was an Intermediate Environmental Scientist with EBA Engineering Consultants, conducting environmental baseline studies and water quality investigations (Northwest Territories and Nunavut). With EBA, her main responsibilities included data collection and analysis, mapping and report writing.

Since joining DPRA, Krista has been involved in a multitude of projects in varying capacities. She has worked (and continues to work) on various aspects of the AANDC/PWGSC/GNWT Giant Mine Environmental Assessment/Remediation Project, which has included editorial reviews and formatting of various documents and logistical arrangements for the Giant Mine Remediation Team’s Mock Technical and Public Hearings and assisted in writing and editing Policy Matters reports and Ministerial Briefings as they relate to the Giant Mine Remediation Project.

Krista has demonstrated strong writing and editing skills through her involvement in editorial review and updating of the GNWT Petroleum Products Division Wood Pellet Evaluation Report, editorial review of Environment Canada – Canadian Wildlife Service’s report on Habitat Offsets as Compensation and Mitigation for Habitat Loss Dues to Industrial Activities. She has co-authored the Dinàgà Wek’èhodì Candidate Protected Area Draft Management Plan (North Arm of Great Slave Lake, NWT) for Environment Canada and has developed Database User Manuals for monitoring and research inventory databases, which Krista also designed, for AANDC’s Nunavut General Monitoring Plan (NGMP) and NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP). She also wrote online guidelines and help pages for the Government of Nunavut Planning and Lands Regulatory Process Management System.

As part of Krista’s involvement in the AANDC NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP) – Development of an Inventory Database of NWT Monitoring / Research Sources and Initiatives, which involved interviewing key stakeholders, she helped develop the interview instrument and conducted all of the interviews, analyzed the results and input the relevant information into a Microsoft Access™ Monitoring and Research Inventory Database, which she designed and helped implement.

Krista was one of the key members of a small team providing foundational support to AANDC’s Nunavut General Monitoring Plan (NGMP). Her involvement entailed identification of Valued Components (Ecosystemic and Socio-economic) within the Nunavut Settlement Area, research into existing monitoring data/research sources and initiatives, and the design and development of an inventory database using Microsoft Access™. Krista also researched and developed proposal submission and evaluation guidelines for future NGMP funding.

Krista was part of a team conducting interviews with Regional Directors, Deputy Ministers, Assistant Deputy Ministers, Directors and Managers of the GNWT departments of ITI, MACA, ENR, NWT Centre for Geomatics, Bureau of Statistics, DAAIR, DEVO, DOT and NWT Housing Corporation as part of process in the development of the NWT Land Use and Sustainability Framework for the GNWT Department of the Executive. Krista’s role in the interview process was note-taking and synthesis. Krista was also on projects involving the development of a human resources policy, as well as training and orientation courses and materials for the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations in the Yukon; evaluations of Respites Services for the GNWT Health and Social Services and the Northwest Territories Nominee Program for GNWT Education, Culture and Employment, which included scheduling and conducting of interviews.

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