Miranda Persaud

Ms. Miranda Persaud, a Senior Associate (and the TALIRA® Program Director) with DPRA, is in possession of a Master’s degree from York University in Business and the Environment with emphasis on sustainable business initiatives in the small and medium-size enterprise / organization sector. Her interests lie in working with and planning for organizations (of various sizes) in transition. Miranda’s background includes national and international work experience coupled with knowledge and practical experience in project management; strategic / organizational planning; and process and procedure development to enhance operational efficiency. She has been actively involved with organizational and human resource training for over 12 years (with a focus on leadership and managerial skills and training trainers) in order to develop human resource capital, customer and stakeholder management, and sales / service delivery.

Miranda has, in her time with DPRA, managed projects for her public and private sector Clients. These projects have encompassed a range of subject matter areas including (but are not limited to): logistics and logistical support, project planning and operational supports, environmental planning, strategic and organizational planning, project implementation, evaluation, risk management, community engagement, and change management. In her project management capacity, Miranda has been responsible for defining project scope; liaising with Client teams to ensure that project scope and deliverables remained relevant; defining, designing, and developing project deliverables; developing project work programs / plans to achieve critical milestones; leading multi-disciplinary teams of technical specialists and researchers; executing quality control and assurance responsibilities to ensure deliverables were timely and within budget.

Through her activities at DPRA, Miranda has undertaken comprehensive reviews of legislation, acts, and relevant regulations at the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial levels. She has participated in policy and procedures development; developed environmental financial assurance frameworks; developed business cases, business process guides and maps; aided in the development of mandates, roles, responsibilities, and organizational structures; developed reporting guides and accountability mechanisms; designed work plans for high-ranking government working groups; developed tools to ensure task alignment to business mandates (i.e. workload tracking tools); developed budgets and mathematical funding formulae; developed stakeholder consultation models and associated processes; and drafted business planning frameworks for her Clients. She has also mapped operational processes; developed and facilitated process implementation plans, and developed the organizational and business structures for a host of Clients.

In addition to this, as part of her TALIRA® portfolio, Miranda supports Clients involved in the development and execution of large Capital Development projects through a host of DPRA IT Tools and associated consultancies.

Clients for whom Miranda has carried out work include (but are not limited to): Pacific Rim Logistics (supporting Exxon’s Point Thomson Project), Aurora College, Manitoba Mines Branch, the National Energy Board, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, the Town of Oakville; Ontario’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (Renewable Energy Facilitation Office); Ontario’s Ministry of Environment; Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition; Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada; Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline Joint Review Panel; Canadian Standards Association; Health Canada; Industry Canada; Environment Canada; Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada; Human Resources and Skills Development Canada; Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Nuclear Waste Management Organization; Mackenzie Gas Project Office; Government of Nunavut; Yukon Government and Agencies; Government of Northwest Territories and Agencies; Northern Regulatory Boards; Tulit’a / Déline District Steering Committee.

email: Miranda.Persaud [at] dpra.com