Mr. David Finch

Mr. David Finch is an Associate at DPRA, having worked in the Yellowknife office in 2008-09 and returning in 2013. He holds a Master’s degree in Environment Studies from Lakehead University, and an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Winnipeg. He has 20 years of research experience which span a broad range of social sciences and environmental assessment processes. His background includes work in land use, history, archaeology, biology, and wildlife and heritage management.

During his time at DPRA, David has been involved on a number of projects for clients including federal government entities: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO); various departments of the territorial governments of Nunavut and Northwest Territories; and various natural resource management boards. He has a strong background in northern issues that has ranged from resource management to polar bear harvesting. Most recently, he was involved in the review of the Government of Nunavut, Department of Community and Government Services, including an organizational review of its Protective Services Division.

David’s experience at DPRA includes work on files dealing specifically with research and data compilation. He also has experience in gap analysis, particularly in the area of natural resources and social policy. For example, he assisted AANDC with interviews and literature reviews on the implementation of Inuit employment provisions of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement. For GNWT-MACA, he conducted and synthesized interviews and created community profiles as part of a territory-wide review of emergency preparedness systems.

David has worked extensively in conducting, synthesizing and presenting a wide range of research projects. His background in academic research gives him a range of quantitative and quantitative tools for recording and managing data. For AANDC and GNWT-ENR, he compiled research references for the NWT Land Use Framework and the NWT Water Stewardship Strategy, and helped coordinate meetings between technical staff for the Alberta-NWT Bilateral Water Negotiations. He was also involved in the design and implementation of DPRA’s Document Management System (DMS), a web-based digital tool originally intended to support water managers and researchers.

In the area of stakeholder engagement, David is capable of using a variety of tools ranging from surveys to semi-structured interviews. He also has extensive experience as a public presenter in both academic and government settings. He has also helped coordinate public events including the Northern Regulatory Improvement Initiative, the Science in the Changing North Conference (2008-09) and various academic and professional conferences. David helped facilitate, record, and produce materials used in the internal and public engagement events for the NWT Water Stewardship Strategy, the NWT Land Use Framework, and the recent Sahtu community tour on Devolution. In these roles he was an interface between industry, government, Aboriginal, and public views, and drafted numerous reports for both clients and stakeholders.

David’s strengths are his presentation and collaborative written skills, and an ability to rapidly synthesize information on a variety of topics. His background of providing environmental services for mining, forestry, and communities, coupled with his research experience, ensures that he will be a strong participant during both the data research and analysis and the stakeholder engagement phases of the projects.