Ricki Hurst

Mr. Ricki Hurst is a Senior Associate with DPRA Canada. He brings over 30 years of experience on environmental and resource management issues at the Arctic, national and international levels. This includes work on environmental assessment & regulatory review; oil and gas and mining development; Aboriginal consultation, capacity and socio-economic programs; contaminated sites and remediation; land use planning and protected areas; water management; and Board governance. He has a BSc in Wildlife Biology and a Masters in Bio-Physiology. He has strong skills at building teams, facilitating discussion and reaching agreement to resolve complex resource management issues. Starting in the 1970′s Ricki spent over a decade living and working in the north including 8 years as a Director within Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) and four years with DPRA Canada in Yellowknife. He has also worked extensively in Manitoba, Nunavut and Yukon. Sixteen years of his career were spent in Ottawa, working for INAC HQ on northern policy and resource issues; including a lead federal role on matters of contaminated sites management, environmental assessment, oil and gas research & land use planning.

Mr. Hurst has a strong background and understanding of the way in which government works through his experience in the three territories and in Ottawa in issues of governance, environmental assessment and regulatory review, and in negotiating and implementing comprehensive land claims and related legislation. In managing the DPRA Yellowknife office since 2006 and the Ottawa office since 2009, Mr. Hurst has demonstrated good skills in meeting client needs and facilitating resolution of difficult issues.

In 7 years with DPRA Mr. Hurst has managed and facilitated over 100 workshops and conferences which involved a range of governments, boards, industry and other stakeholders including:

  • Organizing, facilitating and reporting on the Board Forum bi-annual meetings of all NWT environmental and regulatory Boards and two levels of government (2007-2011 and 2013);
  • Consultation, facilitation and writing the Bluenose Caribou Management Plan for the Working Group comprised of six Renewable Resource Management Boards and three governments (2009-2012);
  • Facilitation, writing and support to the Neil McCrank Review of the Regulatory Systems (2008); and facilitating and reporting on workshops with Aboriginal groups and diverse stakeholders on Northern Regulatory Improvement and legislative amendments (2011 and 2012);
  • Management, consultation and writing of the NWT Water Stewardship Strategy for the GNWT and AANDC (2007-2009); the NWT Land Use and Sustainability Framework for the GNWT Executive and Cabinet (2008-09 and 2012); and the NWT Economic Opportunities Strategy (2012-2013); and
  • Public/Aboriginal consultation and secretariat on remediation of NWT abandoned sites including: Great Bear Lake Radioactive Waste for AANDC (2008-2012); Northern Transportation Route for the Low Level Radioactive Waste Management Office of Atomic Energy Control Ltd. (2009-ongoing); and the federal and territorial governments’ Giant Gold Mine Remediation Project (2010-ongoing).

Other projects managed by Mr. Hurst include cumulative effects; uranium and heavy metals exploration; Aboriginal contracting; Crown Consultation; water valuation and compensation; Shale Oil Exploration and fracking the Sahtu Region (2013) and devolution of federal responsibilities to the GNWT (2013).

email: Ricki.Hurst [at] dpra.com