Timm Rochon, Chief Executive Officer

Timm Rochon is Chief Executive Officer of DPRA Canada and is responsible for the company’s Aboriginal Development Services. Timm has over 20 years of experience working with Aboriginal organizations and First Nation communities on a regional, national and international level. An area of focus of Timm’s consulting practice is socio-economic impact assessment, community economic development and program evaluation.

Timm has worked, researched and published on issues concerning Aboriginal economic development, natural resource use and self-government. Through his experience in working with Indigenous people in Canada and abroad, Timm has been able to successfully synthesize and integrate local Indigenous knowledge into resource management models. His work has included developing the largest Aboriginal commercial fishery in Ontario. He also was the principle investigator for the evaluation of the Province of Ontario’s Aboriginal economic development strategy and assessed options and provided recommendations for renewal beyond the five-year mandate.

Timm has worked together with Chiefs and Councils, community working groups, and lawyers in developing strategies of self-determination and self-governance. He has also been involved in negotiations, community consultations and outreach concerning these matters. Because Timm has extensive experience working actively with First Nations and has had a wide exposure to Aboriginal community organizations, he has a good understanding of the internal challenges facing aboriginal communities. He is aware of their needs and objectives and the resources which they need to accomplish their goals.

email: Timm.Rochon [at] dpra.com