Survey Research

DPRA has prepared a number of major research studies and policy evaluations using surveys, interviews and focus group methodologies. In many studies the issues being addressed required well-structured and professionally facilitated and developed formats.

Our survey research projects frequently address complex issues and provide input to feasibility studies, corporate strategic plans, private sector marketing initiatives, land user planning projects or impact assessments. In addition to the range of conventional survey techniques, DPRA has also developed particular techniques to reach special populations, such as seniors, Aboriginals, street youth, recent immigrants and those with visual impairments.

Our experience working with private companies, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and government agencies has suggested that there are some key issues which cause organizations to focus their attention on customer satisfaction, and that there are very important opportunities which these organizations are trying to capitalize upon by improving their customer satisfaction.

DPRA’s program framework incorporates both business and social goals, and accountability and performance needs as the basis for determining the best customer satisfaction improvement strategies. This process conveys to the customers that the organization is concerned about customer satisfaction today and tomorrow.

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