Consultation, Communications & Facilitation

Public consultation is an accepted and expected component in the development of government projects, policies and programs. Increasingly, public and private sector organizations are also enhancing their relations with individuals and organizations that have an interest in their affairs through effective consultation and communications. For proposed developments that have the potential for controversy, effective consultation with the public and stakeholders can promote understanding, facilitate issue resolution and positively influence a project’s acceptability. DPRA provides a number of services related to consultation, communication and facilitation, including:

  • Public consultation program design, implementation, documentation and evaluation
  • Development of communication strategies and materials;
  • Process and event facilitation;
  • Conflict resolution/mediation of contentious issues; and
  • Stakeholder relations initiatives.

DPRA Canada has over 40 years’ experience with the design and implementation of consultation and communications programs for the public and private sector, including over 200 consultation programs for all levels of government, Canadian companies, and non-governmental organizations. We have been responsible for programs involving energy, waste management, land use, social policy, transportation, recreation, and resource development. Stakeholders in these consultations range from the general public to organized interest groups, elected officials, and government staff. DPRA Canada has also designed many specialized programs directed at less traditional audiences including multicultural communities, First Nations, lone parent families and youth. We have designed and developed programs to assist public and private sector clients in improving consultation skills and communication systems within their organizations and with their clients and customers.

To learn more, download the DPRA Consultation Communication Facilitation Profile.