Cumulative Effects Assessment & Management

Cumulative effects are changes to the environment caused by the combination of past, present and ‘reasonably foreseeable’ future actions (projects or activities). In Canada and around the world, the assessment and management of cumulative environmental effects present real challenges to communities, government agencies, industry, academics and consultants.

DPRA Canada has worked with clients to develop approaches to the assessment of cumulative effects, particularly on the socio-economic environment. Projects have considered cumulative effects in both project-specific and regional contexts. Services provided include:

  • design and implementation of consultation programs to involve stakeholders in all stages of the cumulative effects assessment and management process;
  • development and delivery of cumulative effects assessment training;
  • identification of applicable regulatory and policy frameworks;
  • identifying environmental components requiring assessment;
  • establishing spatial, temporal, and jurisdictional boundaries;
  • identifying studies required to establish baseline conditions and an historical analysis of current issues;
  • identifying valued ecosystem components and indicators;
  • developing frameworks to describe ’cause and effect’ relationships;
  • prediction of potential cumulative effects;
  • development of regional cumulative effects assessment and management frameworks;
  • developing mechanisms for dealing with conflict and for addressing the diverse views and opinions of various parties (for example, in a workshop setting);
  • peer review; and
  • developing impact management and monitoring strategies for addressing both project-specific and regional cumulative effects.

Related Projects:

  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada – NWT Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP) and Audit
  • Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND) / Environment Canada – Development of an NWT-Wide Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management Strategy and Framework
  • West Kitikmeot / Slave Study Society – Development of an Interim Plan for Cumulative Effects Research and Monitoring in the Slave Geological Province (NWT and Nunavut)
  • TransCanada Pipelines Ltd. – Compressor Station Expansions in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan – SEIA Cumulative Effects Assessment