Environmental Assessment (EA)

DPRA Canada provides services for the co-ordination and preparation of environmental assessments,  as well as peer review across Canada and internationally. Our professionals have extensive experience both managing and participating in multi-disciplinary project teams, and have worked in the context of provincial and federal environmental assessment frameworks.

DPRA Canada provides the following services for environmental assessment:

  • strategic advice on environmental assessment and planning;
  • peer review of planning processes and documentation;
  • preparation of environmental assessment documentation;
  • development of environmental information systems (including GIS and database services);
  • project management;
  • design of evaluation frameworks and criteria;
  • development of impact management strategies;
  • review of documentation for regulatory compliance and consistency with tribunal precedents;
  • case management for hearings;
  • presentation of evidence before hearing boards and assistance to counsel with cross-examination;
  • preparation of interrogatories and evidence;
  • regulatory liaison;
  • stakeholder relations and consultation;
  • issues management;
  • socio-economic impact assessment;
  • cumulative effects assessment and management; and
  • strategic advice to senior managers and executives regarding environmental issues.

Representative Projects: