Geomatics Services

Organizations depend on DPRA to develop powerful GIS-driven solutions.

DPRA takes a virtual world of digital information – including text, graphics, spreadsheets, architectural and engineering plans, aerial and satellite images, videos, environmental data, and map features – and use them to create integrated, innovative software applications.

Since 1999 DPRA has provided GIS, database and web development services to the Northwest Territories Geoscience Office (NTGO).  NTGO’s purpose is to advance geoscience knowledge of the Northwest Territories through the delivery of geoscience research, analysis of data and dissemination of geoscience information to clients.

DPRA continues to enhance and maintain NTGO’s suite of web-based applications which include GoMap, Gateway, NORMIN, GMETA and Diamonds.


GoMap is NTGO’s interactive web-based geology portal that can be used to create maps, change map projections and query subsets of data determined by the user. The versatility of the tool, including the ability to query in a number of ways and degree of user control, offers a range of options to clients interested in conducting research or exploration in the NWT.


Gateway is the online application to search, download, and order scanned and digital versions of NTGO publications.  Information available includes NTGO publications, mineral exploration reports, petroleum industry reports, assessment reports, historical reports, geological and geophysical reports, and miscellaneous reports.

Expert data layering and geo-referencing enable us to develop the customized technological solutions that help our clients successfully navigate the spheres of business and government.

Geospatial Database Services

  • GeoSpatial database design, organization, development, editing, management, and maintenance
  • Development of database architecture and structure
  • Spatial data integration to existing database structures
  • Data input, capture and manipulation
  • Geo-coding and Geo-referencing of data
  • Data evaluation and auditing
  • Data conversion and standardization

Mapping Application Services

  • Web-enabled mapping and database access
  • Complete application development with GIS and mapping functionality
  • Publish OGC Web Services
  • KML Generation

Geopspatial Analysis and Modeling

  • Complete spatial analytical services
  • 2D and 3D spatial analysis and modeling
  • Spatial data manipulations

Cartography Services

  • Customized map production
  • Full-color, large format hard copy output
  • Vector capture, digitizing, raster to vector