Regulatory Information Management System

For 40 years, DPRA has provided a wide range of regulatory services to public sector and private sector clients across Canada.

DPRA provides regulatory mapping for our clients, providing:

  • Electronic submission of applications for permits and licences;
  • Ability to track the status of a permit or licence within the regulatory process; and
  • An web-enabled system providing proponents, review agencies and regulatory boards with a transparent real-time tool for reviewing and commenting on permits and licences;

A web-based regulatory system facilitates efficiency by providing a centralized ‘portal’ from which proponents, regulators, governments and potential communities can access all permit and licensing information.

DPRA was retained by the Northern Gas Project Secretariat (NGPS) to “map” (through flow diagrams and text) a total of 70 regulatory processes associated with 17 different federal, territorial and regional regulatory agencies that will be responsible for regulating the construction of the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP).

The MGP regulatory maps are posted on a highly interactive website for the MGP regulators to review. DPRA continues to work on this initiative through facilitation of regulator meetings to assist in revising regulatory processes so as to realize efficiencies and to coordinate and harmonize similar processes for the MGP.