DPRA has worked with a range of mining companies from senior international diamond firms to local, family-owned aggregate companies. Our work has included Socio-Economic Impact Assessment, public consultation, and research on Aboriginal employment and training. in the north and across Canada.


  • Victoria Gold – Proposed Eagle Gold Project: Socio-Economic Effects Assessment and Public Consultation: In 2010, DPRA was part of the consulting team providing services to Victoria Gold for the preparation of the Project Proposal for the proposed Eagle Gold Project. The Project, located on the traditional territory of the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyäk Dun (FNNND), is located north-east of the Village of Mayo in the Yukon Territory. DPRA prepared a comprehensive socio-economic baseline report, as well as a socio-economic effects assessment. The assessment considered a range of potential effects (including cumulative effects) for Valued Socio-Economic Components, and described potential mitigation, monitoring and adaptive management commitments developed for the Project. DPRA worked with Victoria Gold and others on the consulting team to design and implement a series of community meetings, workshops, and newsletters focused on various aspects of the Project. DPRA also prepared the consultation section and appendix of the Project Proposal.
  • NWT Chamber of Mines/DIAND – Aboriginal Participation in Mining: DPRA carried out primary and secondary research, providing an overview of trends of Aboriginal participation in the NWT mining industry over the past decade.
  • De Beers Canada Mining Inc.  – Socio-Economic Impact Analysis of the Snap Lake Diamond Project: DPRA completed a socio-economic impact analysis (SEIA) for input into an environmental assessment for De Beers’ Snap Lake Diamond Project in the Northwest Territories.  The work included primary and secondary data gathering and analysis, extensive consultation meetings with seven Aboriginal communities, non-Aboriginal stakeholders and federal and territorial regulators and reviewers.
  • HRSD Canada – Development of Program-Client Surveys for the Voisey’s Bay Project: Inuit, Innu and Métis peoples are participating in employment and training programs associated with the Voisey’s Bay project. These employment and training programs are jointly managed by the Voisey’s Bay company, local Aboriginal groups, and HRSD’s Innu, Inuit and Métis Human Resources Development Strategy (IIMHRDS) for the Voisey’s Bay Project.


At DPRA, we believe that effective project management is the key to successful delivery of any assignment.  Adherence to project management principles and practices, including progress monitoring and reporting, quality management and issue resolution are critical, especially in the time- and deadline- sensitive mining and resource industries.

Our team members have considerable experience in project management for major assignments such as De Beers’ Snap Lake Diamond Project; we have designed, coordinated, and organized large-scale projects involving multiple private and public stakeholders.  Our team’s ability to work with a wide range of interests (social, economic, and regulatory to name a few) in an effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible manner has enabled win-win scenarios for all involved parties.  Our approach is designed to:

  • Provide a practical project management framework;
  • Facilitate communications between all persons involved on a project;
  • Be adaptable to projects of all types, sizes, and environments;
  • Provide a set of tools to improve the effectiveness of the project manager;
  • Be concise and easy to use; and
  • Serve as a reference for project managers, without impeding progress or producing voluminous paperwork.