Creative People. Smart Solutions.

Since 1971, the focus of the firm has remained the same: provide quality consulting services for people and the environment. Our goal as consultants is threefold:

  1. To contribute to the sustainability and enhancement of socially viable communities;
  2. Improve corporate environmental responsibility; and
  3. Support organizations to manage transition and change.

DPRA Canada staff have advanced training and relevant consulting experience in such diverse areas as environmental planning and assessment, socio-economic impact assessment, organizational analysis and management studies, strategic planning, public consulting services, program evaluation and planning for the needs of special populations including Aboriginals and older adults.

In 1999, IER (Institute of Environmental Research) joined DPRA Incorporated, a privately-held consulting firm with more than 200 employees in ten offices in Canada and the United States. The merger brings together two companies that have been strategic partners on a number of assignments across North America for more than two decades.

DPRA Canada has worked extensively in Northern Canada through our Yellowknife and Whitehorse offices. In 2001, Terriplan Consultants merged with DPRA Canada, formalizing a highly successful working relationship that began in 1995.