DPRA Canada | About
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We are a specialized team of professionals with expertise focused on applied health and social research, organizational effectiveness, socio-economic research and assessment, environment and resource management, program evaluation, policy /legislative development and review. Indigenous and public consultation and engagement informs much of our work. DPRA Canada has a long history of designing and facilitating processes involving industry, Indigenous people, government, and the public, to reach effective and useful solutions.

DPRA Canada has established successful working relationships across Canada, particularly in the North.  Most of our assignments involve working closely with Indigenous people.


We help clients design and implement projects, programs and services that are not only technically viable, but also sensitive to their socio-economic, cultural, health, and political settings. Our staff are able to facilitate informed dialogue to create durable solutions for our clients and their partners.   


Because we are an employee-owned company, DPRA Canada has a personal stake in our projects and a vested interest in our clients’ success.